Healthy Vapes started in 2014 when us, two US healthcare professionals had an idea to improve our quality of life by creating vaping juices with essential oils. From numerous research studies on essential oils found in pubmed.org, we knew that respiratory uses are some of the most effective ways that oils can be used and some respiratory conditions can be improved effectively only by essential oils.

As a result, our first breathing nourishment formula was born. After experiencing positive results in a matter of days, we decided to create more aromatherapy vapes for ourselves and share them with vaping community as a healthier and safer alternative to e-liquid. 

Healthy Vapes liquids are organic, free from nicotine, harmful chemicals, propylene glycol, artificial flavors, sugar and sweeteners, and manufactured in FDA registered facility. They taste great and deliver priceless aromatherapy benefits of essential oils.

We are glad to offer our products to all health-conscious individuals throughout the world in their quest to live a long healthy life.

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